Keyscan Aurora Access Control Management Software

Keyscan Aurora access control management software is the culmination of over 25 years of dedication to the access control marketplace. The unwavering dedication and effort thrusts Aurora well past the competition. Aurora is the new benchmark software platform that truly eclipses the supremacy established by its Keyscan predecessors.

  • Support for 45,000 credentials (up to 90,000*).
  • Upgrade to full SQL server.
  • New multi-threaded communication structure.
  • Multiple credentials assignable to a single person.

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Keyscan Door Controllers

The Keyscan CA series network appliance-based access control architecture gives you unmatched flexibility for new installations or revitalizing aged or failing access control systems. The full line of Keyscan access control units allows you to easily install new systems, regardless of size, or replace existing access control infrastructure while, in many cases, utilizing existing cabling, readers and even credentials.

  • Up to 6000 transactions retained in file buffer.
  • Removable terminal blocks.
  • Dual processors.
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for expansion capability.

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Keyscan Elevator Floor Access Control Units

The Keyscan EC series elevator floor controllers are designed to secure office or residential floors by prompting credential holders to present their assigned credential when using an elevator. The EC1500 and EC2500 elevator floor control units leverage the same hybrid network appliance-based architecture as the CA series door controller counterparts.

  • Integrates with telephone entry systems.
  • Up to 6000 transactions retained in file buffer.
  • Removable terminal blocks.
  • Integrates with telephone entry systems.

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Keyscan and iCLASS High Frequency Readers

iCLASS SE is a new access control platform for new installations. Keyscan iCLASS SE goes beyond the traditional smartcard model to offer a secure identity data structure based on Secure Identity Object (SIO), a new portable credential methodology.

  • Multi-layered security ensures data authenticity and privacy.
  • Stellar performance with SIO media mapping, field programmable and status LEDs.
  • Will function only with iCLASS SE credentials.
  • Supports Keyscan elite key for extended security.

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Keyscan and iCLASS High Frequency Credentials

iCLASS SE credentials are part of the next-generation iCLASS SE access control platform and open ecosystem based on a Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) architecture for advanced applications, mobility and heightened security. iCLASS SE makes access control more powerful, more versatile, and more secure by providing additional key diversification, authentication, encryption and portability for advanced security and performance.

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Keyscan & HID Compatible Low Frequency Readers

For dealers, integrators and end-users we are an HID Platinum Partner. HID readers and credentials seamlessly integrate with Keyscan access control systems. HID readers are robust, affordable and have a host of features plus a range of stylish cover designs.

  • High reliability, consistent read range, and easy-to-install package.
  • Features multicolor LED, internal or host control of the LED, and/or beeper and a beeper "off" switch for silent operation
  • Provides Wiegand protocol interface and is compatible with all Keyscan access control systems.

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Keyscan & HID Compatible Low Frequency Credentials.

The C1325 clamshell proximity access control card credential offers universal compatibility for any Keyscan reader or other 125 kHz proximity readers. Also available in ISO printable version (C1386) these proximity access control cards offer durable packaging.

  • Functions with Keyscan K-PROX2, K-KPR, K-VAN readers as well as HID 125 kHz compatible readers.
  • Available in Keyscan 36 bit and standard 26 bit formats.
  • Consistent read range.
  • Also available ISO version with graphics quality surface.

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Keyscan Network & Communication Modules

CIM(Communications Interlink Module)

A new communication control module designed to use a CAN Bus communication network.

  • Provide optimized server to Access Control Unit (ACU) communication.
  • Gives users an all new ACU to ACU network providing inter-panel communication for global functions

NETCOM2P - TCP/IP Plug-on Communication Adaptor

Networking a Keyscan access control unit is made easy by using the Keyscan NETCOM2P plug-on adaptor.

  • Networking a Keyscan access control unit is made easy by using the Keyscan NETCOM2P plug-on adaptor.
  • Can also plug onto ACU board in other specific applications

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Keyscan Peripheral Products.

OCB8 - Relay Board

The Keyscan OCB8 is a Form-C relay output board with durable and reliable construction for long-term use. For use with Keyscan door and elevator floor controllers wherever you need a dry contact closure for auxiliary equipment.

  • Expand floor control for Keyscan EC1500 and EC2500 elevator floor controllers.
  • DIP switch bank allowing easy changes to state of relays.

WIEEX2 - Wiegand Extender Board

When circumstances dictate a long cable run between control panel and reader, exceeding 500 feet, rely on the Keyscan WIEEX2 Wiegand Extender.

  • Converts the Wiegand signal to standard RS485.
  • Provides a communication range of up to 4000 feet between WIEEX2 receiver and WIEEX2 transmitter while using standard CAT5 cable between units

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