Avaya IP Office 500

Designed as the perfect solution for traditional analog and digital telephones, IP telephone and endpoints, SIP, PRI, POTs interfaces and any combination of the above. making this truly the most flexible system allowing you to get the most out of your long term investment in Avaya. This sytem allows us to leverage legacy telephones and migrate to IP at your convenience with the system being to operate all set types in any simultaneous combination. Some of the various sets are listed below. 


1400 Series Digital Deskphones

Designed to serve the needs of a wide range of business users, the 1400 Series Digital Deskphones combine an attractive and contemporary design with advanced audio technology and productivity enhancing features. These phones work with the Avaya Aura Platform and the Avaya IP Office Platform.

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1600 Series IP Deskphones

For businesses with basic communications needs, 1600 Series IP Deskphones deliver the frequently used features at an attractive price. They are ideal for main locations, branch offices, and call center agent use, and can be deployed alongside other Avaya phones, helping ensure that every employee has exactly the functionality needed. These phones work with the Avaya Aura Platform and the Avaya IP Office Platform.

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9500 Series Digital Deskphones

Small and midsize businesses rely on these high-quality deskphones that suit virtually every role within business. Get superior audio and a full range of communications and collaboration features built into your deskphones.

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9600 Series IP Deskphones

Avaya's flagship line of IP Deskphones offers brilliant audio quality, low power requirements, customizable options, and high performance. The phones feature context-sensitive graphical interfaces and large color touch screens, which deliver increased call control while simplifying the traditional desktop telephone experience.

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4400 series digital

The Avaya 4400 Series Digital Voice Telephones deliver the right combination of business communication functionality. Usability features are readily available. You can personalize your phone by programming the buttons on your telephone simply by choosing from a selection of convenient features.

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5600 series ip

The Avaya 5600 Series IP Telephones, developed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium businesses, bring rich features and functions directly to the desktop, while also supporting desktop applications above and beyond telephony. Several models are available, ranging from entry-level IP telephones to those built specifically for demanding contact center environments.The 5600 series IP telephones are for use with the Avaya IP Office system.

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IP wireless phones 3641/3645

The 3641/3645 IP Wireless Handsets are a professional-level IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless device with integrated push-to-talk functionality, designed for premises-based mobile communications in the workplace. Engineered for demanding environments that require a high level of collaboration, they are small enough to be highly mobile, yet rugged enough for heavy use.

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